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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

**EARN STORE CREDIT WITH EVERY ORDER!** ORDERS SHIP EXPRESS DHL | FREE Express Shipping for orders $150 and up.

**EARN STORE CREDIT WITH EVERY ORDER!** ORDERS SHIP EXPRESS DHL | FREE Express Shipping for orders $150 and up.

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Success Stories

  • I would never have been able to quit smoking by myself. Cold turkey was too hard. I tried once, then 2, 3 times. The vape is a bit of a substitute at the moment but eventually I am going to cut back.

    - Steph B.

  • A massive thank you to PodVapes. I think that this is the perfect opportunity for me to shift the smoking habit. I’ve gone in full commitment but it has really paid off. I feel a lot better about myself knowing I am not dependent on cigarettes anymore.

    - Jack S.

  • Love pod vapes, have quit smoking which is great.

    - Tracey A.

  • Thank you for allowing me to participate in your trial, it has helped me cut down on my cigarettes and hopefully will quit soon.

    - John W.

  • I had a bad diet because I couldn’t afford to buy everything and now I can… I’m really happy, I’m free now.

    - Matt T.

  • I have now been cigarette free and a customer for over a year and am always pleased with the product and good service. Thank you Podvapes!

    - Melissa S.

  • My husband has gone from a packet a day to not wanting cigarettes since starting on his vape. We are saving a fortune!

    - Jodie W.

  • I’ve tried nicotine gum, it works for satisfying my nicotine cravings, but it tastes disgusting and i really don’t enjoy it. I currently vape to reduce my cigarette consumption and this is really effective. It’s enough like smoking that I’m satisfied in terms of both nicotine cravings and also mentally satisfied.


  • I’m immensely proud of myself that I’ve had more than 1 day with no cigarettes!!!


  • Before we started the vaping trial I said I found it impossible to only vape and not have cigarettes. But that has changed and I’m having lots of days with no cigarettes or just one. And I’m saving a fortune. And sleeping better!


  • I have found a vape I can cope with and have almost replaced ciggys with it.


  • I continued to notice how inoffensive it was to others, and that it's more environmentally friendly.


  • Everything was better… my skin improved, my breathing improved, my generation activity improved… my anxiety lessened… depression lessened...overall my mental and physical health during the vaping trial, really, genuinely improved… my appetite improved. I just saw a whole range of improvements across the board.


  • Over the month of the vaping trial even only having one or two cigarettes a day was like wow, what is going on? And then the last three days not even wanting a cigarette I’d been offered. So yeah… I don’t think I will go back to smoking.


  • Vaping has really helped me cut back on cigarettes by about 75%, but didn’t stop completely. Champix had no effect.


  • It was nice still being able to vape and not coughing. Being around people and vaping didn’t feel as bad as when I’d have to sneak away for a smoke and come back smelling like it.


  • I didn’t expect to stop smoking altogether, but just no longer have the desire to smoke.


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