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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

**EARN STORE CREDIT WITH EVERY ORDER!** ORDERS SHIP EXPRESS DHL | FREE Express Shipping for orders $150 and up.

**EARN STORE CREDIT WITH EVERY ORDER!** ORDERS SHIP EXPRESS DHL | FREE Express Shipping for orders $150 and up.

How To Use Your Pod Vape


Is Using a Pod Vape Really as Simple as it Sounds?

Yes! You will be amazed at how easy it is to use a pod vape. Most newer models have no setting adjustments needed. Most don’t even have buttons. Simply insert the salt nicotine flavour ‘pod’ of your choice into the top of your vape pen and inhale. Recharge when needed using the handy USB quick charge. Stay up to date with the latest and best pod vapes products here.

How do you mouth-to-lung vape?

1. Take a smooth, steady drag straight into the mouth. (No pushing of buttons required)
2. Hold the vapour in your mouth for a moment then inhale into the lungs before exhaling.

Most people prefer mouth-to-lung inhaling when they start vaping as it mimics the action when smoking a cigarette. Pod vapes have been designed around this with their slightly tighter draw, higher nicotine levels, and better throat hit and satisfaction when compared to bulkier direct to lung vaping devices.

Where do I get a nicotine prescription in Australia?

Purchasing nicotine products requires a nicotine prescription. Here is a list of authorised and trusted prescribers of nicotine prescriptions. The team at are ready 24/7 to assist smokers with nicotine prescriptions. Once you have received your prescription, simply upload your nicotine prescription here and order your favourite pod vape device.

Where can I buy pod vapes in Australia?

You can still buy pod vape devices in Australia! However, you need to purchase nicotine pods from a trusted and reliable overseas company like PodVapes, once you have uploaded your nicotine prescription. Pod vapes are quickly becoming the most accepted and highly regarded way to successfully quit smoking and reduce the harm caused from smoke inhalation. Find out more about the pod vape revolution here!

How do I vape a disposable?

This question might confuse many newer vapers. Disposables or disposable vapes today have the same high build quality, fit and finish, technology updates that might surprise you. Vaping a disposable is as easy as smoking a cigarette or any other salt nicotine pod vaping device, the bonus being that you never need to replace pods or top up E-liquid. Simply unwrap your next favourite disposable pod vape and enjoy the truly amazing flavours and satisfaction offered!

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