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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nicotine Prescriptions in Australia

From Australia?


Upload your nicotine prescription and we guarantee delivery of your order.

When you send us your prescription, you are able to view and purchase from our range of nicotine vape products. We include a copy of your prescription  with all your orders which you then import into Australia under the Personal Importation Scheme:

Option 1. Upload your prescription now for instant access to nicotine products.

Upload Prescription

We will grant you full access and confirm via email once our team has added the prescription to your account.

Option 2.
Email a PDF of your prescription to (Please send from the email address assigned to your PodVapes account.)


The Australian TGA has released a list of sources where smokers can speak to a health professional to obtain a prescription for nicotine. PodVapes has no affiliation or commercial connections with any health professionals or prescription service providers.

Here are some options for you to consider:

1. are a dedicated 24/7 Australian telehealth provider specializing in nicotine prescription consultations and helping Australian smokers to quit. Their service operates 7 days a week.

2. The TGA also has a list of prescribing doctors.

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What is the Personal Importation Scheme?

The Personal Importation Scheme is a defined set of rules to regulate the import into Australia of therapeutic goods for personal use. Under the Scheme, individuals can import a 3 month supply of unapproved therapeutic goods without any approval being required by the TGA provided that various conditions are met.

The conditions for the import of nicotine e-cigarettes and nicotine liquid products into Australia are:

  • The nicotine products must be for yourself or a member of your immediate family;
  • You must not supply, sell or give the nicotine products to any other person;
  • Where possible, you must keep the products in their original packaging with labels intact;
  • The total quantity of the goods imported within a 12 month period must not exceed 15 months supply of the goods; and
  • You must have a valid prescription from an Australian-registered medical practitioner for the nicotine.

Can I buy nicotine vape supplies online?

Yes, you can still buy your nicotine vape supplies online from an online vape store such as PodVapes that is not located in Australia. You will need a valid doctor’s prescription for the nicotine, and you can legally purchase and import up to a 3 months’ supply of your nicotine vape products for your personal use.

How much can I order?

With the Personal Importation Scheme, you can order up to 3 months’ supplies of your prescribed nicotine products at any one time, and a maximum of 15 months' supply in a 12 month period.

Will my order get stopped at the border? 

No. Because we only ship orders from customers that upload their prescription, PodVapes orders get dispatched within 24 hours and have 100% delivery success rate. We guarantee it.

Where can I find more information?

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From Australia?
A prescription for nicotine is required before ordering.

To view nicotine products, simply using your email and upload your prescription.

A prescription for nicotine is required before ordering.

To view nicotine products, simply using your email and upload your prescription.