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Please see below a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. We strongly recommend you have a quick read through all of the below points before using your device.

How does the US vaping flavor ban affect you?

What is included in the ban?

The ban applies to fruity, mint and other flavors of pre-filled nicotine e-cigarette pods sold in retail stores in the USA. JUUL, the biggest e-cigarette company in the US has already pulled its flavored pods from the market, these include Mango, Vanilla, Mint and Fruit flavored pods.

Why is there a ban?

To address teen vaping. The US government thinks that banning these flavored pods from sale in retail stores in the US may help reduce the number of teenagers who are vaping.

(We at PodVapes are totally against teenagers or anyone under the age of 21 vaping, however we do not support this ban as the ban only applies to pre-filled pods and not the sale of bulk vaping flavored e-liquids. Pods, which are a far safer and easier form of vaping, are to be banned, but potentially dangerous ‘mix-your-own’ liquid flavor ingredients will still be on sale in retail stores in the US. In our view, this makes no sense.)

When does the ban take effect?

1st February 2020.

What flavors will still be available in pre-filled pods in retail vaping shops in the US?

Tobacco and Menthol flavors.

Is there a new age restriction on buying tobacco and vaping supplies?

Yes, the new age to purchase vaping supplies across the entire USA is 21 years old.

What are the next steps for e-cigarette brands?

The FDA has advised that by May 2020, manufacturers must submit for review any and all vaping products they want to remain on the market, even those that taste like menthol and tobacco. JUUL are planning to submit their Menthol and Virginia Tobacco pods before the May deadline.

Will the ban affect the online sale of pre-filled pods from reputable online shops such as PodVapes?

No, PodVapes™ will not be affected by the US ban.
We can continue to supply a very wide range of high quality flavored pods from our reputable and trusted brands. In fact, PodVapes™ has secured a large supply of flavored pods from JUUL to enable us to meet all customer orders for the foreseeable future.

How long does shipping take?

All our products are shipped with tracking from our warehouse in CANADA via DHL Express. Shipping times to US are as follows:

All orders received before 3pm EST will be shipped that evening (Monday to Friday), excluding CANADIAN National Holidays. All order will be shipped via DHL Overnight Express shipping. Please note that it can take longer for delivery if you are located in rural areas (additional 1-2 business days).

*No minimum order required

Can I update my address on my order?

Yes, if the update is required before receiving tracking information, please send an email to us at support@podvapes.com and include your Order #. However, if you wish to perform an address update after your order has been dispatched, please contact DHL directly on 1-800-225-5345 and quote your tracking number.

How do I charge my pod vape?

All devices come with either a magnetic USB charging dock or micro-USB cable. There is a magnet at the base of the devices that allow the device to clip into the USB charger. Charging the device to full charge takes 45 – 60minutes.

Your pod vape should also be kept away from key cards, credit cards, and other items with magnetic strips to prevent damage.

How does my pod vape work?

Pod vape devices use a closed loop temperature control algorithm to deliver the ideal amount of power at any given time to the pod. The e-juice is heated using a porous ceramic coil to deliver the truest tasting vapor.

Do pods have an expiry date?

There isn't an expiration date on our pods, but you may experience a natural flavour decrease after one month. It's best to store your pods at room temperature in a dry environment in their sealed compartments until use. Pods should be re-capped with their cover when not in use.

At PodVapes™ we encourage you to dispose of your pods responsibly.

Do your pods contain nicotine?

Yes, currently all of our pods contain nicotine. Nicotine is not appropriate for use by minors. Nicotine is addictive. If you do not currently use nicotine-containing products, we recommend that you do not start.

Do you have pods that don't contain nicotine?

At this time all our pods include nicotine but please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest PodVapes™ developments as we are currently investigating this option.

Can I refill my pods?

Currently none of the pods at PodVapes™ are designed to be refilled but please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with new products and services.

For health and safety concerns, please do not attempt to refill your pods.

For health and safety concerns, please do not attempt to open your pods.

At this time we sell many delicious flavours for each device but please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest PodVapes™ flavor developments and updates. Don't worry, we won't annoy you with spam emails.

My pod is leaking, what should I do?

Pods subject to excessive humidity or a drastic altitude change (like flying on a plane) may experience a minor amount of condensation or leakage.

Minor leaking from your pods is not uncommon during use and shouldn't persist under normal use by following our suggested drawing tips below. If your pod is leaking slightly, you can continue to use it no problem, but please wipe off the juice before inserting back into your device.

Leaking can occur when juice is pulled up into the air path due to one of the following reasons:

  • Puffing aggressively on the mouthpiece - try puffing more gently.
  • Squeezing or biting the pod as you puff - relax your mouth on the mouthpiece.
  • Squeezing the wide sides of the pod when you insert it - place your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece as you click it into place.
  • If you encounter an excessively leaky pod or continue to experience leaking after making these adjustments, please contact the PodVapes™ team.

The pods are built for easy, smooth drawing and produce an optimal vapor and nicotine experience under normal drawing pressure.

It may take a little extra suction on the first draw to get the pod to get it going, we always recommend a gentle puff on the mouthpiece.

Popping and crackling sounds are normal - this noise is merely the evaporation of air bubbles on the ceramic coil.

How do I clean my pod vape?

Our devices are designed to be maintenance free, however encourage you to clean the charge contacts from time to time as the magnets can attract dust. We recommend using a dry or slightly moistened cotton tip or cloth to clean the charge contacts.

Storing my pod vape?

It is best for the battery's health to ensure that the device is not stored for more than 2 weeks with an empty charge. When storing the device for a month or longer, it is best to charge the device fully and remove the pod and replace its cap before storage.

We also recommend storing your device on a scrap piece of paper (with the pod removed) vertically on the mouthpiece end - this will allow any e-juice that may have entered into the device to drain away.

Can I travel with my pod vape?

Pod vapes are safe for travel and we recommend you take them with you on the plane, most airlines however restrict their use whilst on the plane. Exposure to extreme altitude changes like flying on a plane may cause slight leakage in the pods especially if they are partially used.

We recommend not flying with partially used pods or disposing of them before getting on a plane and using a fresh one when you land.

What if I get e-liquid on my hands?

If your pod leaks, it's best to avoid direct contact with the liquid. If you do get liquid on your hands simply wash with soap and water. You may continue to use the pod if some liquid has escaped, but carefully wipe the juice off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting back into your device.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the frequency of use, a full charge will last roughly a full day.

Our devices use lithium-ion polymer batteries.

The devices smart-charge technology will ensure there is no risk of overcharging.

Our devices are not intended to be a nicotine cessation devices, and have not been tested as such.

My device is not charging?

Make sure your pod vape charger is connected to an adequate power source - (1 Amp charging) and that the device is making a secure connection to the charging base. Before contacting the PodVapes™ team, please also try cleaning the charge contacts on the device as well as the charging base itself using a dry or slightly moistened cloth. (Cotton tips are a perfect choice here).

My pod vape is not making any vapor?

If you're seeing little to no vapor when you draw, double check that the device LED is lighting up when you draw on the pod. Ensure the pod is seated firmly in the battery. You may want to try using an alternate pod to see if that helps. If you continue to have problems, please contact our team at support@podvapes.com.

In the event that you need to dispose of you pod vape please dispose responsibly and as you would with any lithium polymer battery.

No tobacco product should be considered “safe”. If you have any health concerns about the use of our PodVapes™, we recommend that you consult with your physician. Inhalation of e-vapor may aggravate existing respiratory conditions.

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